My greatest joy is hearing from my clients that they achieved the results they were looking for.

The most common feedback I hear from hypnotherapy clients is that the session was “life-changing.” People say they feel lighter – as in a big weight has been lifted. They feel calm and relaxed and free of anxiety. The shifts are real and immediate and then continue to build over the following weeks and months.

I’ve supported many clients in finally creating the life they want, freeing them from blocks and limiting beliefs that had been holding them back. 

Together, we can unlock your mind and free your potential!

Real Results

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Startup Founders

  • Clear money blocks
  • Public speaking
  • Reduced anxiety

Corporate Executives

  • Public speaking
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Imposter syndrome

Early Career

  • Clarity on what they would like to do
  • Landing new dream jobs
  • Clearing limiting beliefs


  • Improved study habits, exam and HSC performance
  • Remove stage fright
  • Build confidence and develop a positive mindset

Health and Performance

  • Weight reduction
  • Healthier eating and exercising
  • Ingrained self care practices
  • Improved sports performance
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Startup Founders

  • Develop strategy and action plan for building business
  • Build up confidence leading to sales, partnerships and funding
  • Networking and connections to grow business

Corporate Executives

  • Improve public speaking, leadership and team building skills


  • Successfully negotiate new jobs and promotions
  • Support in managing teams and employee issues
  • Time management and streamlining of meetings and work

Early Career

  • Navigating new job successfully
  • Successful conversations with managers
"Julie was and is truly genuine in her approach to unpacking my life’s experiences with a lot of care, understanding and action to move forward in a way that has shifted my thoughts and realigned my focus."
"I was blown away by the rapid change in the month after working with Julie. I'd never done anything like hypnotherapy before, but Julie made me feel right at home and we uncovered things I would otherwise never had realised. The homework reinforced the work we did in the session and it's become part of my daily routine. I can't stop talking about it."
"I now approach everything that occurs in my life now with a responsive attitude rather than a reactive one which is a shift for me. My relationship with my husband has improved and I am attracting money to me which is wonderful and a weight off."
"I was wanting to overcome issues around public speaking and impromptu speaking, especially about my business. I had been getting panic attacks and it was affecting my business opportunities- 4 months after Julie's session I had to present to major potential clients in and I blitzed it."
"I really do feel like my mind is shifting and my approach to food is more sensible."
"Working with Julie has given me the necessary understanding and confidence to seek clarity in my strengths and align my goals, the ability to tap into my subconscious and shift deep rooted memories and let go of those ‘things’ that have previously held me back, that I had no conscious visibility on until my session with Julie. I am so thankful for this experience. It has been really transformative."
"I went to see Julie for a hypnotherapy session because I was feeling constantly anxious and totally overwhelmed with regular day to day business. I was desperate to get my mojo back and ‘flick switch’ back to my normal positive state of mind! Since our session that oppressive, heavy weight I had been feeling has been lifted. My anxiety has decreased, I feel calmer and laugh more… my family has noticed the change. I have a new sense of freedom and ability to prioritize myself and live the way I want without feeling guilty."
"Julie understands the pressures faced by female founders at whatever business stage you are at. Her ability to empathise and engage on a level that helps you work through your own solutions - as opposed to being told what to do - has helped me grow as a founder immensely."
"I have just finished my performance and wanted to thank you immensely for literally saving my life. Wow it is amazing what you can do when you believe. I played really well considering I haven't performed on stage for two years because of fear. It worked."
"Working with Julie has been LIFE CHANGING. And I don't say that lightly. My big job came with a lot of anxiety and self doubt. I had a lot of negative talk going on in my head. After one hypnotherapy session with Julie, I had the best speaking engagement of my life, my anxiety has lessened, my self-doubt is not even a thought now and I am able to let things go that used to get me down for a long time. Overall I just feel lighter, and like I finally have a path to enjoy life the way I have always wanted to. I am a new me in my 50’s Thank you Julie!"
"After working with Julie I have none of the usual nerves and anxieties I used to have, I now speak with confidence & authority, just like Julie had said on my recording. I still listen to the recording the nights before I have a big presentation, and I feel much more confident and it is getting better all the time.Thanks for changing my life Julie!"