I'm a certified clinical hypnotherapist and mindset coach.

I’ll guide you in unlocking your mind to reveal what’s holding you back, reset your thinking to propel you forward, and connect you to your true potential without stalling or derailing your life.

I left the startup and corporate worlds because what I love most is working with people to unlock their full potential to achieve the things they desire. And quite frankly the rest of the work I needed to do got in the way of that. But I am forever grateful for those experiences because they provided the time and space for me to learn and grow and have the deep knowledge to best guide and support you in what you are looking to achieve.

So you feel comfortable… you need to know that I am a licensed hypnotherapist and mindset coach that has supported my clients in dramatically changing their lives both personally and professionally.  

I always like to meet my clients where they are with what they need in the moment. I provide a free introductory call so we can find out if we’re the right fit to work together. It is important that you feel comfortable with me as your hypnotherapist and/or coach (often clients decide to work with me in both modalities). And this gives me an opportunity to get to know you and make a recommendation for the best path of action… which may result in me working with you as a client, or referring you on if we feel that would be more beneficial. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I also strongly believe that as adults, we still require a village to thrive. It’s important to have the right people and team around you, supporting you to free your potential. I’d be honored to have a talk with you about becoming a member of your support team.

A bit more about me so that you know you are in good hands… I’ve trained with top trainers in the world and continue my education and courses so that I can always support you in the best way possible. Prior to this I ran an accelerator program supporting founders in growing and scaling their businesses. I’ve been living in Sydney Australia for 3 years and love it here! I moved from San Francisco were I worked  in the Silicon Valley. I’ve hatched my own startups, worked for others which I grew, and have also worked for large companies. I’ve traversed my own experiences of imposter syndrome and burnout which took me on a path of personal growth and learning and to my current career. 

What My Clients Say

The importance of Swallows

In case you are wondering about the beautiful little swallows in my logo, they aren’t there by chance, they are there for a reason. According to ancient wisdom, when you are in the crossroads of your life, the swallow can help you choose the best route to take. The symbolism of the swallow represents love, loyalty, peace, freedom, protection, ingenuity and gracefulness. It also represents focus, mental acuity, tenacity, being decisive and full of hope, and a successful journey in life.  The swallow as an animal totem indicates that you need to release yourself from all the past worries and any pain that you have suffered so you can move forward.