Answers to common questions that I get about my services.

The practice of using hypnosis to allow someone to tap into their subconscious mind to discover, shift and resolve something that may not be apparent or solvable from the conscious mind.

For Coaching that is up to you. I suggest we start with one session and see what makes the most sense for you. For Hypnotherapy we can’t really determine that until we see what we uncover in a session. Many clients I see just one time for a specific issue, it could take up to 2 – 3 sessions and sometimes the best solution is a Hypnotherapy session followed by coaching.

For a Hypnotherapy session, please allow for 2 hours as sessions run from 90 – 120 minutes. For Coaching, I recommend starting with an hour and from there we can determine the best amount of time and cadence for further appointments. My goal is to arm you with the tools and support you need when you need it. We don’t need to set up a specific amount of appointments at a given time, we can work to what you nee

Mostly, it feels like you are lying with your eyes closed having a conversation and like maybe you aren’t actually hypnotized – but you are. For some it feels just very restful and peaceful. The concept of time passing is often a bit distorted. It is a bit different for everyone but in general it is a peaceful, relaxed feeling.

Usually. There are times you may not remember specifics. Your mind is amazing in how it works and will remember all the things that are relevant and important.

I help my Hypnotherapy and Coaching clients with a wide variety of issues. I am trained and able to help you with almost anything you would like to work on. We can have a conversation and if I don’t feel that I can support you, I can refer you to someone who can.

Yes! I am both. I help you across all areas of your life. After all, we aren’t separate people and one impacts the other. We work together at all times to determine where you need to focus at any given time to get the best results.

Not at all. But if you have any fears or concerns we will talk about those in advance so you feel safe, comfortable and supported.

I see clients around the world through Zoom. And the results achieved are just as strong online as they are in person!

I see clients in person in Manly and the Sydney CBD. If you are not able to get to these locations, I see clients from around the world via Zoom – which is just as effective.

Not to worry, we can have a session from the comfort of your own home using Zoom. I see clients around the world in this manner and the results achieved are just as strong online as they are in person!