Are You Ready To Reach Your Full Potential?

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach, I use a combination of proven techniques that guide you to reveal what’s holding you back, reset your thinking to propel you forward and connect you to your true potential without stalling or derailing your life.


I work one on one with individual clients, small groups and organizations.
My goal is always to support you in unlocking your mind to reach your full potential and achieve the results you desire.

Together we can shift:

My clients have achieved results in all of these areas and the results are life changing. 

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Introductory Call

Free 20 minute discovery call to see if we can work well together and determine your best path forward.

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Accessing your subconscious mind to discover the root of what has been holding you back. Sessions are 90 minutes – 2 hours.

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Mindset Coaching

We will focus on shifting your mindset to get the clarity, motivation and confidence you need to reach your full potential in all aspects of life.

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Corporate Programs

Group coaching, mindset training, facilitation and more to help your team thrive and reach their full potential. Tailored to meet your goals and objectives.

What My Clients Say

My greatest joy is hearing from my clients that they achieved the results they were looking for. The most common feedback I receive from hypnotherapy clients is that the session was “life-changing.” People say they feel lighter – as in a big weight has been lifted. They feel calm and relaxed and free of anxiety. The shifts are real and immediate and then continue to build over the following weeks and months.

I’ve supported many clients in finally creating the life they want, freeing them from blocks and limiting beliefs that had been holding them back from reaching their full potential.

I’d love to help you do the same.

About Julie Demsey

I left the startup and corporate worlds because what I love most is working with people to unlock their full potential to achieve the things they desire. And quite frankly the rest of the work I needed to do got in the way of that. But I am forever grateful for those experiences because they provided the time and space for me to learn and grow and have the deep knowledge to best guide and support you in what you are looking to achieve.

So you feel comfortable… you need to know that I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach that has supported my clients in dramatically changing their lives both personally and professionally.

The importance of Swallows

In case you are wondering about the beautiful little swallows in my logo, they aren’t there by chance, they are there for a reason. According to ancient wisdom, when you are in the crossroads of your life, the swallow can help you choose the best route to take. The symbolism of the swallow represents love, loyalty, peace, freedom, protection, ingenuity and gracefulness. It also represents focus, mental acuity, tenacity, being decisive and full of hope, and a successful journey in life.  The swallow as an animal totem indicates that you need to release yourself from all the past worries and any pain that you have suffered so you can move forward.